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7 Secrets of Happy Marriage

Your life partner (husband or wife) is the only person who will be with you in any circumstances. Marriage is the only relationship which is based on respect, trust, dedication, devotion, loyalty, love & care.

Devotion: Both of you must be devoted to each other in terms of respect, honour, loyalty, care, love & trust. You both must respect each other as marriage is the strong bond between husband and wife. If you are devoted, you would ultimately be truthful & loyal to each other. Devotion towards each other can surely save you from cheating in relationship. The love & respect your life partner can give you is the ultimate source of happiness. The divine relationship of marriage is the source of happiness, love, respect, prosperity.

Dedication: If you are dedicated to your partner, your relationship will always grow. It needs your willingness to provide your time and energy to strengthen your relationship. You are willing to your partner’s choices to bring happiness. Wedding is the purest relationship & it needs the same devotion that you would provide for Supreme God.

Communication: The key factor of successful relationship is strong communication. If there is any ill-though arising in your mind or heart against your partner, it’s always better to talk & solve the matter. If you stop communicating the issue with your partner, the small seed of mis-understanding will soon grow into the tree of problems. As the problem tree grows up, the deeper its roots will spread underneath that destroys the structure of your wedding.

Friendship: If you both are best friends, you can never hide anything from each other. If anything is troubling you, your best friend can advise you, listen to you. This way you can unburden your heart and share all your feelings. But you cannot share your secrets with any of your friend, because it might create problems for you later. And if your life partner is your best friend to share your feelings, you can never leak your secrets to outside world. And your best friend – your life partner is always with you to support you.

In Vedic Scriptures, it’s mentioned that a man’s real friend is her wife. And the woman’s greatest strength lies in her husband.

Respect: There is no relation in this world survive without respect. It’s the key ingredient of happy relationship. If you both are having an argument, don’t fight in front of anyone. Keep each other’s respect and discuss the matter later when you both are alone. Don’t put down your partner’s respect in front of anyone.

Trust: The base of your wedding is trust. It’s the responsibility of both of you to maintain the trust level of each other. An outsider might try to persuade you against your life partner, but keep your utmost trust on your partner. Talk to your partner but not in front of everyone. Maintain respect of your partner.

Transparency: Both of you should not keep any hidden secret from each other that might trouble the relationship later. Mostly, friends & family who know your secrets may plant problems for you. If your partner already know your secrets, he or she will protect you in every way. This way your relationship will become more strong.

If all the couples in this world have the feeling of dedication, devotion, friendship, respect, trust, and transparency between them, this earth will become heaven. As time moves on, you will develop the art of Telepathy & utmost understanding with your partner.

There are many situations when still your marriage relationship is not going good, then you must take help of a learned astrologer. The planets in your or your partner’s horoscope might be conflicting that only an astrologer can solve by proving Vedic remedies. Every problem in this world has a solution using hidden secrets of Vedic Astrology. We can save your relationship!

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