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Life Sketch of Swami Keshvananda Ji

Swami Keshvananda Ji (Sh. K.P. Bhardwaj) got spiritual path by his self-realization,inner-inspiration direction. His father, Shri Sukhdev Bhardwaj is a renownedastrologer  priest, providing precise astrological advice in India for around five decades. His grand-father was also a famous astrologer and a priest. This divineancestral knowledge of Bhardwaj family has been benefiting numerous people for around more than 180 years.

Swami Keshvananda Ji has promoted Indian Vedic Culture and devoted his time to provide astrology and yoga services in more than 15 countries in Asia, Europe, and USA. Swami Keshvananda Ji has attended conferences for astrology  yoga, religion restoration, global unity in New York, Pennsylvania, Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands,
Portugal, Spain etc.

Swami Keshvananda Ji had also been an invitee in Rabbi Schneier Annual Award Dinner 2010, New York (when the previous Indian PM Sh. Manmohan Singh had to be awarded). But due to another appointments, he could not attend the Award Ceremony and Dinner program in 2010

Swami Keshvananda Ji has also been invited as a Hindu Religious leader in anInternational Conference on ‘Cultural Rapprochement between USA and the Muslim World', New York, USA, held on 17-Sep & 18-Sep-2017.
Swami Keshvananda Ji have attended and had been an active participant for political and religious debates on Indian National News Channels. Few of his debate snippets are available on our YouTube Channel (Navnidhi Astrology).
Swami Keshvananda Ji was honored with the title of ‘Mahamandleshwar’ in PrayagPeeth, Allahabad in 2009. To focus on his spirituality, devotion, and worship, heresigned the MahaMandleshwar (Hindu Religious leader) title in 2010.

Swami Keshvananda ji is the prominent, miraculous & divine soul. In recent years, he devoted his time to provide Vedic services, Spirituality advises, Bhakti yoga advise to the people around the world.

Specialized in Miraculous Solutions

He is specialized in his miraculous solutions, problems diagnosis, Bankruptcy Analysis & Vedic Solutions, Medical Problem Analysis & Vedic Solutions, Directionlessness Analysis & Directionless Rectification Vedic Solutions, Kaal Sarp Dosha (Kaal Sarp Yog) Analysis & rectification of Kaal Sarp Dosha by Vedic Solutions, Political Career Analysis & Political Career Vedic Solutions, and Spiritual Healing. He is well known for his insightful & accurate predictions, miraculous & mesmerizing recovery solutions, divination advice to attain spirituality, devotion & salvation.

The Learned Writer

Swami Keshvananda Ji is a learned writer. He has documented most of his spiritual teachings. He had written numerous articles on life understanding, way to Supreme Lord. His magazine ‘Aashirwad Jyotish’  got published in 2000. Since then, he is authoring blogs & articles on spirituality.


Swami Keshvananda Ji have two ideology to make this world a better place to live & let live:

Think Positive, Get Positive

It’s the law of attraction, your mind has the power to attract & achieve your desires. If you think positive, good will happen to you. If you keep thinking negative & find bad in everything, no good can happen to you. It’s all within you.

If you protect your Dharma, the Dharma will protect you

Dharma means Religion, the culture in which you were born, your beliefs, the moral values given to you by your parents. Grass is always seems to be more greener on the other side. You really do no know the in-depth of the other’s grass. Always stand firm on your moral & ethical values, no one can harm you.


Swami Keshvananda Ji have three major objectives to make everyone’s life problem-free, stress-free, & full of spirituality:

  • To enlighten the path of spirituality. You can achieve everything with spirituality. We all want to achieve liberation, salvation, & peace of mind. That’s only possible by the divine way of spirituality. But, you need a spiritual Guru to attain salvation. Guru is the anchor of your life to land at desired port by removing hardships in your life.
  • To promote Indian Ancient Education with the help of Yoga, Meditation, Astrology, Healing & Tantra-Mantra by which people can enjoy their life with happiness and prosperity.
  • To guide people to get rid of problems and live peaceful life. Our Indian Vedic Astrology has power to solve all the problems if we really want to come out of the problems.

Inspiration & Personality

Swami Keshvananda Ji (Sh. K.P. Bhardwaj) got spiritual path by his self-realization, inner-inspiration & direction. His father, Late Shri Sukhdev Bhardwaj was a renowned spiritual advisor who had provided his precise spiritual & divine advices in India for around five decades. His grand-father was also a famous Vedic spiritual advisor and a Vedic priest. This divine ancestral knowledge of Bhardwaj family has been benefiting numerous people for around more than 180 years globally.

Swami Keshvananda Ji is altruistic, magnanimous, benevolent, renunciant, & a kind person. Swami Keshvananda ji leads his disciples to the path of peace, harmony and salvation, to save them from the materialistic deviations. Swami Keshvananda ji had spent most of his early years in the Himalayas as a hermit. He is an ever smiling, calm, patient, mystical, super natural and an inspiration of light born of Supreme Being (Lord Krishna).

Childhood & Youth

Swami Keshvananda was born in North Indian Brahmin family & his childhood name is Kunwarpal Bhardwaj. He is a devotee of Lord Krishna and a great spiritual advisor. His father & grand-father was also a great spiritual & intellectual advisor. From childhood, he was motivated towards spirituality, devotion, intellectual knowledge. When he was 5 years old, his father once told him if you read Hanuman Chalisa 100 times, then you will get whatever you desire for. After listening this, he read Hanuman Chalisa hundreds of hundred times to get darshan of Lord Hanuman Ji and got extremely disappointed & sad when he did not see Hanuman Ji in front of him. Then, at night while sleeping, Lord Hanuman Ji came in his dream and blessed him. Since then, he was amalgamated with Spirituality & Devotion (Bhakti). That was a positive miraculous turning point in his life, and he succeeded the path of spirituality. That’s why we say, life can take a positive turn if you put in all your efforts, hard-work, & dedication.

Area of Expertise

  • Medical Astrology: Swami Keshvananda Ji has been doing research in Medical Astrology from more than 10 years and he has helped many people to get rid of ambiguous medical conditions, prolonged fever, jaundice, post maternity issues with the help of Vedic Mantra’s and the Vedic astrological remedies. Most of these services can be easily provided globally without being physically available with the victim.
  • Horary Astrology: Swami Keshvananda Ji has been an expert in Horary Astrology for more than 20 years. Horary Astrology is a stream of astrology when we create and predict a horoscope by using the date and time of asking a question from a person (not the date and time of birth). The instant remedies suggested to a person yield a success rate of 99%. Horary astrology is a boon when most people are not aware of their date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth details.
  • Astrology Services:  Swami Keshvananda ji is well known for his insightful horoscope reading via astrology, accurate astrology and horoscope predictions, astrological remedies, divination advices for astrology and horoscope, for finding auspicious moments for new engagements/tasks via astrology. Swami Keshvananda Ji is also an advisor of astrological Gem stones, Kalasarp yog in astrology, and Navgrah upayas (remedies to remove evil effects of Nine planets in astrology) of astrology.
  • Problem Rectification: Swami Keshvananda Ji have experience of major and severe problem rectification and removal by trusting God, his worship for all of his clients and devotees. He is an expert of
    • Kaal Sarp Dosha Rectification
    • Stress Removal
    • Directionlessness Rectification
    • Spiritual Healing
    • Paranormal Sciences
    • Negative Energy Removal
  •  Self-Realization: Swami Keshvananda Ji is a great thinker, philosopher, social reformer, spiritual leader, and a famous astrologer. He serves as an example of self-realization because Swami Keshvananda Ji gained the supreme spiritual path of knowledge through his inner-self & his urge to gain that knowledge with the complete devotion to the supreme God. Swami Keshvananda Ji is servicing astrology services from more than two decades across the globe. The miraculous and surprising thing is that he gained the knowledge from his ancestors without relying on the booking knowledge of astrology learning.
  • Special Anushthaan: Swami Keshvananda Ji have experience of more than 20 years in successfully conducting special long term and short term Anushthaan’s such as Baglamukhi Anushthaan, Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap, Gayatri Anushthaan, Shat-chandi Paath, Sahastra chandi Paath, Nav-chandi Paath, Nav-Graha Shaanti Paath etc.

Awards & Recognitions

For pictures of these Awards and recognition’s, kindly see our Gallery section

  • Guest of Honor as Hindu Religious leader – International Conference on ‘Cultural Rapprochement between USA and the Muslim World‘, New York, USA (17-Sep-2017) organised by Muslim World League, Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
  • Guest of Honor as Hindu Religious leader – Rabbi Arthur Schneier’s Annual Awards Dinner 2017, New York, USA (18-Sep-2017) organised by ‘Appeal of Conscience Foundation‘. The award was given to CEO, Bank of America, along with CEO, Unilever & CEO, Softbank Group Corp.
  • Invited in LIVE religious and political debates on Indian News Channels for which videos are available on our YouTube channel ‘Navnidhi Astrology’.
  • Guest of Honor – Cultural Program on Indian Independence Day in College in Noida, U.P., India (Aug-15-2013)
  • Guest of Honor – Arsha Vidya Gurukulam 26 Anniversary Celebration (by Poojya Swami Dayanand Saraswati), Pennsylvania, USA (2012)
  • Guest of Honor – Global Worldwide Yoga Week, Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi, India (2011)
  • Guest of Honor – Worldwide Yoga Day, Almeida, Portugal (2010)
  • Guest of Honor – Worldwide Yoga Day, Lisbon, Portugal (2011)
  • Invitee, Guest of Honor as Hindu Religious leader – Rabbi Arthur Schneier’s Annual Awards Dinner 2010 honoring Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, New York, USA (21-Sep-2010)
  • Guest of Honor – Worldwide Yoga Conference, Rome, Italy (2009)
  • Honorary Meeting with Pope of Vetican City, Rome, Italy (2009)
  • Honored as a Maha-Mandaleshwar Prayag-Peeth, Allahabad, India (2009)
  • Sponsored a Debate Program in B R Ambedkar College, Delhi University and Chief Guest in that program (2005)
  • Vice-President of International Children Welfare Society, Holland (2004)
  • Honoured with Gold Medal by European Astrology & Ayurveda Forum, International Expo & Symposium Vedic Science, The Netherlands, University of Rotterdam, Holland (2003)

Our Services & Expertise

Swami Keshvananda Ji, having genetic experience of more than 180 years from his ancestral knowledge have a precise solution set of each potential problem that he recognize just by looking at the horoscope within first few seconds of his horoscope reading session. He immensely believes in Dhyaan (meditation), Jaap (chanting God’s name), Pooja-Paath (rituals) and with God’s grace, he has expertise of more than 20 years for problem resolution with his extensive research & solution oriented engineered worship techniques, major anushthaans etc.

The major area of expertise of Swami Keshvananda Ji is:

  • Medical Astrology
  • Directionlessness Rectification
  • Kaal Sarp Dosha Rectification
  • Spiritual Energy /Spiritual Healing
  • Stress removal
  • Tantra Raksha Kavach (Black Magic Removal/Evil Eye Protection)
  • Special Anushthaan
  • Sahastra-Chandi Paath
  • Shat-Chandi Paath
  • Nav-Chandi Paath

The Spiritual Activist and Reformer

Swami Keshvananda ji is a great social activist and a reformer. He works for a better world. Swami Keshvananda ji has influenced a huge number of intellectuals, preachers & social workers to work for the promotion of human rights, moral values, social harmony and social discipline. He is awakening people spiritually to make the world a better place where all can live serenely without any tension and intolerance. In this way, Swamiji is a Spiritual Activist.



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