Do you know that Astrology is behind everything and anything happening in your life? Did you ever notice why your electronic items are getting damaged one after the other? Did you ever noticed why you are having water related problems in your house – water is dripping from the tap or you rectify the water leakage problem at one place, and it again arising at another tap or water line? You might be thinking that why I started off with these general home problems and these things can happen with anyone and everyone face these problems at least once in their lifetime.

We (@Navnidhi Life Solutions) would say electronic items damaging problems and water tap leakage problems arise due to the evil effects of ‘Rahu’ planet and ‘Saturn’ planet respectively. Indian Vedic astrology categorizes each and every problem of life as per the planetary position in one’s horoscope. If you are noticing that lots of your electronic items are getting damaged, then at least one person in your family is having Rahu planet in such a bad position which is blowing up the negative effects of Rahu planet. With the help of Indian Vedic Astrology horoscope reading and prediction, we can foretell you about the upcoming problems along with the remedies to overcome the problem so that you can live your life happily. Till now, we have talked about the house related problems.

The Indian Vedic Astrology can also predict and help you in your health problems as medical astrology also a strong segment of Vedic Astrology.

Did you ever notice why you are not getting relief even after having a medicine from long time? Did you ever think that your health might be getting affected from another health issue rather than for which you are taking medicine? Did you ever think that your health is going worse due to a medicine you are having for an existing ailment?

The Indian Vedic Astrology horoscope reading & prediction can help you identify your correct health issue or the upcoming health danger.

The medicine and astrology work together for your wellness. Earlier, few doctors did not believe in God but now every hospital has a prayer room and they say “we have done our best, rest is in God’s hands”. Doctors in hospitals suggests patients (especially who are critical) to contact their priest/astrologer for health issues. Even in some European countries, hospital administration asks patients if they would like to meet an astrologer or religious preacher.

Even in ancient times, the Ayurvedacharya either was an astrologer or used to consult Astrologers. The Indian Vedic Astrology can predict if any medicine is giving you reaction, or your liver is getting affected, or your kidneys are going to be affected, or your heart is going to affected, or you are not having proper digestion, or you are having urine related problems etc.

We can help you in predicting & resolving your health issues by reading your horoscope and telling you the possible remedies to overcome your health problems so that you can live a smooth and healthy life. Not only we can prediction for upcoming problems, we always tell the Indian Vedic remedies to resolve problems.

Till now, we have discussed about two types of major problems, but we also cannot neglect the other basic important aspects of life namely finance, marriage, relationship, kids, education, career. Almost every one of you would have suffered from the problems related to finance, career, business, job, education, marriage, kids, relationship etc. The Vedic Astrology can predict and resolve the problems arising out of these areas.

Please feel free to contact us for any queries or if you would like to have your astrology horoscope consultation.

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Navnidhi Life Solutions is a consulting, service based problem resolution center registered in The Netherlands. Following the ancient vedic system to solve the life problems, we are providing 99% success rate.

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