Directionlessness Rectification – solution to nullify the effect of Directionlessness and to make your life aimful and successful.


Directionlessness is the ill-mansion (malefic arrangement of planets in the horoscope) that spoils the whole life of a person. A person having directionlessness in horoscope is unable to do anything successfully despite of having education, money, talent. A person’s life seems to be unsuccessful, unsettled, and ultimately unhappy.

With our extensive research and ancestral knowledge of ancient Vedic knowledge, we have created the perfect potential solution to nullify the problem of Directionlessness from horoscope. Our Vedic solution enhances the power of strong planets in horoscope and nullifies the bad effects of malefic planets.

We have 99.9% positive results from our customers with our Directionlessness Rectification package.

We use 216 real Gemstones, rare herbs, ceremonial products in this procedure. After performing worship using these Vedic products, we immerse these products in river followed by a Homam. Infact, we Universal energy and the 5 elements of our Nature (earth, air, water, fire, & sky) to rectify the problem of Directionlessness.

See our YouTube video What is Directionlessness? and Power of Five Elements and Directionlessness Rectification to know more about Directionlessness & its solution.


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