This book is the research work of Netherlands based Author & Spiritual beacon – Maharshi Keshavananda. The phenomenal work of Maharshi Keshavananda & his team has encapsulated their Global Peace research work in 277 pages.

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Pathways to Peace: Uniting Nations via Shared Wisdom‘ is the book based on the strategies of Global Peace making. In a world often marked by discord and division, the pursuit of peace stands as an eternal aspiration—a beacon that has guided humanity through the currents of history. As we embark on a profound literary journey within these pages, we invite you to traverse the realms of shared wisdom, cultural exchange, and diplomacy and to partake in a symphony of exploration that resonates with the harmonious chords of unity.

As you turn the pages of “Pathways to Peace,” may you find inspiration in the stories of diplomats and visionaries who have harnessed the forces of shared wisdom to mend the fractures of history and lay the groundwork for a more harmonious world. Let the narratives within these chapters serve as an indelible reminder that the pursuit of peace is not the sole province of statesmen and diplomats but a universal calling within every individual’s heart.

We invite you to embark upon this odyssey, exchange ideas, and reflect upon the profound impact of shared wisdom as a catalyst for lasting peace. As you traverse this literary landscape, may you be invigorated by the notion that each of us has a role to play in forging the pathways to peace in uniting nations through the timeless embrace of shared wisdom. Let’s embark upon this transformative journey together with open hearts and minds.

This book was launched on 26-September-2023 at IGNCA, New Delhi, India. Book Launch details are available at https://navnidhi.org/news-and-events/


Book Launch video is available on our YouTube Channel or Click here to see Book Launch Ceremony.
More information about this book can be found on www.pathwaystopeace.nl


Maharshi Keshvananda

Founder of International Adi Shankracharya Research & Awareness Foundation, Netherlands based research organization. More details can be found on http://www.adishankar.org


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