Babies spread happiness. Parents are happy taking care of baby. Babies grow at a faster pace during the first year of life. A baby triples their weight at the age of one year. They gain more than 50% height of the birth height in 12 months.

This one year is full of learning and development. If you start writing the baby achievements in one year, then you will be amazed with the long list.

But have you tried to learn anything from your bundle of joy?

Yes, I am talking about your little munchkin who can teach you the best qualities of life. Let us talk about the six most important qualities of the apple of your eye.


The first quality is consistency. The meaning of consistency is behaving the same way. Your baby is consistent in most of the habits. Your baby will not feel bored even with same food in every meal. Its only we who get bored easily. Second example is that your baby would love to hear a rhyme all the time.

If we honor the consistency in us, then no one can stop us being successful. Consistency in important in a business as it creates accountability, reputation, measurement, trust, brand image etc.



Next quality of a baby is dedication. The meaning of dedication is devotion to a task. During walking practice, your baby falls many times. But a baby never stops trying. This is dedication towards walking. Its only we who are not dedicated in the most important aspect of our life.

If we are dedicated in our work just like a baby, then we will gain success and promotion.



Schedule follower is the third quality. The meaning of schedule is doing everything on time. Your baby is happy & well mannered if you maintain a schedule for all baby activities. Your baby will give you a tough time in absence of schedule. Its only we who feel monotonous and difficult following the schedule.

If we are strict schedule-lovers and schedule-followers like a baby, we will never fail in our life. And we will have enough time to fulfill all our dreams.



Fourth quality of a baby is devotion. Babies are devoted to learn new things such as eating, drinking, sitting, crawling, standing, walking, running. They keep trying till they are perfect.

Learning devotion from baby will help you in your business. Also, devotion in supreme lord just like a baby will give you a blessed life.


Vision of Success

Strong Vision is the fifth quality of a baby. They has a strong vision of success. They never stops trying to learn a new thing because they are full of confidence. They are not afraid of failure and keep trying until success. For example, after learning sitting, the next vision is crawling, then standing, then walking, then running, then jumping. The good thing is a they are not afraid even after getting hurt.

If you learn the success vision, then you business will be successful. You will overcome all the hurdles & obstacles in your life.



Babies trust the parents to ensure the safety & protection. They feels safe in parents lap than anyone else. For example, when a parent safely tosses the baby lightly in air, the baby laughs & confident that the parent will catch hold of the baby safely.

If you start maintaining the trust level in your relationships like a baby, your relationships will never spoil & you will enjoy the happiness.

Not only these six qualities, there are some other qualities which can never be underestimated. Some of the other important qualities are Loving nature, Soft-spoken, Passion, Compassion, Positive, Confidence, Excitement, Accomplishment, Commitment etc. which if we cultivate in our behavior, we can spread happiness around us!

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