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Special Anushthaan is specifically done for the resolution of a critical health problem, financial problems, business problems, relationship problems etc. The Anushthaan includes non-stop & conscientious pooja path for few hours daily for mainly 108 days or 41 days or 11 days (The number of days is specified by the severity of problems & desired outcome). In an Anushthaan, mainly a mantra pooja path, Jaap with rosary (Tulsi Maala or Rudraksha Maala), and a havan is performed daily on behalf of the person wishing to do Special Anushthaan. Most of these, Anushthaan are done in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India.

Few of the major Aunshthaan are:

Baglamukhi Anushthaan

To seek protection from all enemies, to ensure victory in life, and to remove all the sins, and to seek blessings from Maa Baglamukhi. The devotees seeking victory in all the actions in their life and to protect themselves from enemies must perform the Baglamukhi Anushthaan.

Maa Baglamukhi have the power to turn the situation in the devotee’s favor as she converts speech into silence, movement into knowledge into unawareness, defeat into victory, and power into inability. Maa Baglamukhi is the mystery presence with the devotee and she helps her devotee by her miracles at every step of life.

Tantra Raksha Anushthaan – We would like to tell you the clear meaning of Tantra Raksha Anushthaan, ‘Tantra’ happens if an evil person uses the Mantra Power with the intent of creating obstacles, person’s life. One important factor of Tantra is that Tantra can be positive or negative but if a Tantra is being done on a person’s life in a negative way, then to block the negative Tantra, a scholar (priest) performs a positive Tantra to stop the effects of negative Tantra. After that, a person’s life goes smoother.

Raksha’ means Protection.

Tantra Raksha Anushthaan means protection from the negative effects of the Tantra on a person’s life. We and our specialized team under the guidance of Swami Keshvananda Ji provides the resolution of Tantra and performs Tantra Raksha Anushthaan for the person suffering from negative effects of Tantra.

Goddess Shiva

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Anushthaan – To nullify the malefic effects of planets and evil forces, by seeking blessings from Lord Shiva. A person suffering from a situation near to death can be benefitted by the death conquering benefits of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Anushthaan. Lord Shiva is the creator & destroyer of whole world. The powerful shield of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Anushthaan protects the person from natural calamities like death, accidents, mishaps etc. The vibrations & energy of Maha Mrityunjaya mantra is so powerful that it provides Moksha & frees the person from the cycle of life & death.

Resolving critical health issues

Special Anushthaan for critical Health problems – This is the special anushthaan to overcome the critical health problems, aimlessness of life, de-motivation in life by seeking the blessings of Lord Hanuman Ji. With the grace of Lord Hanuman Ji, the devotee gets good health, a vision to live life, motivation, and inner peace. Even a person in suicidal mode comes out of his blocked mind and starts living a healthy life. The positive effects of this Special Anushthaan of Hanuman Ji can easily be seen in the person within 72 hours of initialization of this Anushthaan.

Goddess Lakshmi


Vyapaar Vridhi Anushthaan – As the name suggest, Vyapaar Vridhi Anushthaan is a powerful tool to attain the growth in business, increase sales & profits in business, and to overcome the losses by seeking the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. The Vyapaar Vridhi Anushthaan helps in cash flow, removal of external & internal business that hinders the growth of overall business, opening of new opportunities & beneficial business projects. The Goddess Lakshmi is the supreme Goddess of wealth, fame, & prosperity. With her blessings, one can attain wealth, growth in business, better job prospects, etc.

The successful completion of Vyapaar Vridhi Anushthaan helps in achieving the success, name, & fame in business or job.  The Vyapaar Vridhi Anushthaan is not only limited to the people who are doing business, rather the Vyaapaar Vridhi Anushthaan is beneficial to the people who wish to have a good promotion, or for a better job prospects or salary hike etc.

Navgrah Shanti Pooja – First, we want to provide clear picture of nine planets that are considered for astrological calculations. These NavGrah comprises of The Sun, The Moon, Mars,Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and two shadow planets – Rahu & Ketu.

The nine planets (NavGrah) plays an important role in a horoscope. In the birth chart, NavGrah are situated depending on the time of birth & place of birth and they are responsible of allowing a happy life. But, every year at the birth date, NavGrah change their positions into another house of a horoscope chart, this chart is called as yearly chart.
This transition of a planet into another position sometimes is so critical that it cause problems which cannot be solved easily and a NavGrah Shanti Pooja is required to calm down the malefic effects of transitioning of planets on one’s horoscope.

We @ Navnidhi Life Solutions, facilitate people for Navgraha Shanti Pooja, a pooja is performed to diminish the malefic effects of NavGrah (nine planets) and to seek blessings of all the nine planets. If a critical planet is situated as unfavorable in a person’s horoscope, then a person should perform NavGrah Shanti Pooja. Few astrologers advices to perform NavGrah pooja twice a year. We perform NavGrah Shanti Pooja at the person’s home or at our location or global digital service also in which the priests in India performs Pooja on behalf of the person suffering from NavGrah Dosha and the complete recording is then provided to the person.

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We also provide after-purchase service to our customers. We have resolved 99% of the cases that resulted in successful & happy customers. We have refunded our customers in Specialized worship without any hesitation. In some cases, we have refunded up to 100 % of the amount (except the minimum basic expenses).

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