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Free Astrology remedies in 2024 to sparkle your life

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Do you know that in Indian Vedic Astrology, each planet in your horoscope is associated with one of your vital family relation? Indian Vedic Astrology contain secrets of art of living to make your life happy & problem-free. In this post, you will read secret astrology remedies to solve all your problems. It will not even cost you a single penny. Yes, you read it correct. It’s free of cost. You do not need to spend any money to do these astrology remedies. But, the main requirement is you would need to throw away your ego which is the barrier of happy life.

You will be reading the secret of happy life & free remedies to pacify the malefic planets in your horoscope. The solutions are available within your home. Most people think that without money, no astrological remedy can be done. But I say that there are certain problems which cannot be rectified even by spending millions, that can be solved by performing the secret remedies mentioned below:

In Vedic Astrology, Sun is associated with Father. Sun is responsible for bringing fame, glory, wealth, & reputation in your life. The better relationship with your father, produces better Sun blessings. No matter how malefic position is Sun in your horoscope, this remedy will bring happiness in your life. But this remedy seems toughest to many people because of ego & thought of conflict with father. So, you need to overcome your ego factor & do this respectfully.

Remedy for Sun: Take bath early in the morning, touch your father’s feet respectfully to seek his blessings. If your culture & religion do not allow touching feet, then greet your father respectfully.

Sun is the core of solar system & all the planets revolve around the sun. Sun gives us energy, light, & power. Sun is the ruler of higher education, spirituality, pride, & self-esteem. So, if your father is happy & blessing you, the planet Sun starts blessing you with the good effects of planet Sun. & your life will be happy ultimately.


Moon is associated with Mother. Good relationship with your mother leads to good results of Moon in your life. Moon is a fast moving & agile planet. Moon controls our needs & desires, our actions & reactions, emotions & feelings, mood & temperament, behaviour & instincts. Moon blesses us mental power, prosperity, control of mind, concentration. If Moon is in unfavorable position, it gives mental tensions & depression. Moon can also create heart problems.

Remedy: Take bath early in the morning, touch your mother’s feet respectfully to seek her blessings. Also, take your mother’s blessings in the evening when you come back home from work.

No matter how malefic position is Moon in your horoscope, this remedy will bring happiness in your life. You will be free of mental stress, and if your mind is calm, you can concentrate on your tasks

Mercury is associated with your Daughter/sister/sister-in-law/father’s sister. Mercury gives you control of your speech (communication skills), powerful mind & memory. Respecting females is an integral part of Hindu religion. These days, people are having conflict of speech, unnecessary debates & fights even on tiny topics that ultimately spoil the personal relationships. So, strong mercury will give you communication skills, control of speech to manage your home & work in an effective way. Respect your sister, daughter, sister in law, father’s sister, do not abuse her!

Respect your daughter, sister, sister-in-law, father’s sister always. Never abuse your sister, daughter, & father’s sister. If your sister is elder than you, the touch her feet to take her blessings. Take blessings of your father’s sister also. Do not hit your daughter.

Mars - the red planet of Solar SYstem

Mars is associated with your brother/ father’s brother/ your friends. Mars brings aggression, anger. Mars represents energy, passion, perseverance, courage, strength. If you are under the influence of Mars (unfavourable position of Mars in your horoscope), you will stop respecting others.  Mars also affects your married life & relationships. Mangal Dosha is a vital check during wedding and matchmaking. It depends on which position Mars is situated in your horoscope to see its results. If you maintain good relations with your brother & friends, Mars will yield good results for you.

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Remedy: Maintain respectful & healthy relation with your brothers & friends. Do not snatch your brother’s share in property. Do not snatch your friends’ share.

Venus is associated with Spouse (Life Partner). Venus is an important planet of your life related to marriage & relationships. It is responsible for good life partner, wealth, splendour, fame & one of the most important aspect of our life – Luxury. Most people have money, but they cannot live a luxurious life. It’s due to Venus.

Remedy: Respect your life partner, husband & wife should respect each other. Do not argument with each other. Take care of each other. 

If a husband fights & hit her wife, then there cannot be any luxury or splendor. Same way, a wife also should not fight with husband on everything. Now a days, its a trend of replying with frustration & irritation.  जहाँ सुमति तहँ संपति नाना,  जहाँ कुमति तहाँ बिपति निदाना (Jahan sumati taha sampati nana, jaha kumati taha bipati nidana) which means Where there is knowledge, there is happiness! Where there is stupidity, there are heap of problems!

Venus in Vedic Astrology
Saturn in Astrology

Saturn in astrology is associated with your employees, & co-workers. Saturn is also an important planet in your horoscope. It brings stability in your life. Saturn blesses you with stability of money, splendor, & luxury. If your Saturn is in unfavourable condition, then you will not be stable in your life.

Remedy: Respect your employees, supervisor, and the people who work for you. Maintain a healthy relation with them & maintain their dignity.

Saturn is a slow moving planet & rewards a person as per the actions (or Karma). Saturn is Karma’s Result Giver (Karm Phal Daata). It brings out responsibilities, roles, & stability.

Jupiter is associated with Grandparents & Spiritual teacher (Guru), academics teacher, & your elders. Jupiter shows you the right path in life. Without a correct direction in your life, your life is like a ship without a sailor. Jupiter also brings wealth, knowledge, intelligence, spirituality, money, career. Jupiter has a vital role in our life to brings us happiness & a blesses life. If you would like to live a happy life, then your Jupiter can provide better results by following remedy:

Remedy: Respect your teacher, spiritual teacher, grandparents, & your elders. Touch your grand-father’s & spiritual teacher’s feet respectfully to receive their blessings for a blissful & happy life.

Jupiter planet of Solar System
Lunar Eclipse

RAHU in astrology is associated with all of your in-laws family. Rahu do not have a physical existence on its own in solar system so it is also called as a sub-planet or a shadow planet but it’s effect is considered far more than other planets. If your Rahu is in unfavorable condition, your decision will not be correct, Rahu will provoke you to take wrong decision. Sometimes, people try to make things better, but the outcome is never right. If Rahu is in favorable position in your horoscope, then it will give you political success, money, & fame.

Remedy: Maintain healthy & respectful relations with your in-laws. Respect your in-laws family.

KETU in astrology is associated with Son & Ketu also provides liberation & salvation. If you maintain good relation with your son, respect your child, never hit or abuse your son, then the sub-planet Ketu will also yield its good results. If Ketu is in favorable condition, then you can get relief from Diabetes & kidney related health problems. If Ketu is in unfavorable position in your horoscope, it can give emotional & mental stress, severe depression.

Remedy: Respect your son, never hit your son, never abuse your son.

We can advise you (as per your horoscope chart) to maintain healthy relation with everyone, maintain your dignity & other person’s respect so that your planets give you beneficial effects. This remedy is free of cost but it’s difficult to follow this remedy as our ego does not allow us to maintain good relationship with everyone.

Ketu planet in Vedic Astrology