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Gemstones have the power to catch and absorbing rays originating from the particular planets. These Gemstones becomes resonant with these rays and enhance flow of rays in our body. Gemstones have astonishing power that diminishes the evil effects of planet and cures various diseases.

A Gemstone is a kind of a medicine in masquerade. Our human body is directed with universal cosmic radiation. When this cosmic radiation gets unbalanced in one’s body, Gemstones are used to balance this unbalanced cosmic radiation in our body with their fantastic power. This entire balancing process may be treated as the effects of the cosmic radiation, as depicted by the planetary position. A planet positioned in a particular house in one’s horoscope indicates the strength and weakness of a planet.

In our Vedic Astrology, the Gemstones are suggested to a person based as per the planetary position in the horoscope chart. By wearing these prescribed gemstones, one can overcome the obstacles in one’s horoscope. For example, the relationship problems in your life may be astrological. If you wear a certain gemstone, you life will be happy with a fulfilling relationship.

We (@Navnidhi Life Solutions) select Gemstones to increase efficiency of a planet or to remove the evil effects of a planet. Also, the most important point to consider is that when an unfavorable planet is located in the horoscope, the person should not wear it’s respective Gemstone, because it will further strengthen the malefic planet and will add more power to allow the planet to do more harm to that person. So, an astrologer can better suggest you for the selection of Gemstone. Below mention are few important points regarding Gemstones:

Weight of a Gemstone: The weight of a Gemstone is an important aspect while going for Gemstone as the weight of a Gemstone should be directly proportional to the person who will be wearing that Gemstone. If the planet is very weak, then the wearer should take a heavy weight Gemstone. An astrologer can decide for the weight (in Carats) of the Gemstones by checking the severity of the respective planets in your horoscope chart.

Body Contact with Gemstone: Absolutely, the Gemstone – in a ring or in a pendant, but it should be embossed in the metal in such a way that it should touch the body. The cutting and chiseling of a Gemstone is done at proper angles so that it gets the planet’s rays gets refracted and produces the wanted good effect for the wearer. The angles of a Gemstone should be such that it should touch the finger (for ring) and it should touch the body (for locket/pendant). A Gemstone in finger gives more effect than locket.

Metal Selection for Gemstone: Generally, Gold is the best taken for any Gemstone as it is considered to be the most beneficial. The Platinum is most beneficial for Diamond. For some Gemstone, Panchdhaatu is also used (five metals). The astrologer can best suggest you the for selection of metal for each Gemstone as per your horoscope chart.

Jupiter –

Yellow Sapphire (It increases the power of penetrating vision, increases the wealth, unlimited prosperity, life security, protects from poverty and remove misfortune. It cures, jaundice, heart problem, impotency, arthritis etc. It should be worn in Gold in the first finger of right hand on Thursday. The weight of Yellow Sapphire should be 4-8 carats.

Moon –

Pearl (Pearl is used to remove the evil effects of moon and it strengthens the mend force and induces good sleep. It also gives good memory, cures uterine disorder, heart and eye diseases, TB, constipation, and hysteria etc. Pearl also increases the beauty of ladies and increases their facial luster. It increases sexual strength and makes conjugal life happy. It’s worn in fourth finger of right hand on Monday (in Silver). The weight of Pearl should be 3-9 carats.

Venus –

Diamond (Marital Bliss)

Mars –

Coral (It ensures material happiness, recovery from diseases given by Mars such as  fever, cough, bilious complaints, smallpox, chickenpox, headache, loss of vitality, piles, boils, measles etc. It should be worn in Silver or Copper, in first or fourth finger of right hand on Tuesday. The weight of Mars should be 4-12 carats)

Saturn –

Blue Sapphire (It removes evil effects of Saturn. It should be tested before use. It brings wealth, name and fame, good stamina, longevity and security in life. It can improve fertility in barren women. Blue Sapphire is best suited for lovers for joy, love, and happiness. It cures fainting fits, virility, mental disorder, deafness and baldness. It should be worn in second finger of right hand on Saturday in gold or Panch Dhatu (five metals). The weight should be 4-7 carats.

Mercury –

Emerald (It increases intelligence and brain power, removes and cures fickle mindedness, loss of memory, stammering, haish spirit, fear from spirit, but reduces passions and sexual desire. It should be worn in fourth finger of right hand in Gold on Wednesday. The weight should be 3-7 carats

Rahu –

Gomed/Hasonite (It cures diseases of Rahu and Saturn. It also increases appetite, vitality, confers good health, wealth, and happiness. It gives all round prosperity. It should be worn in Silver on Saturday in second finger of right hand. The weight should be 6-13 carats.


Cat’s Eye (It’s useful for eradicating evil influences of Ketu and diseases given by Mars. It also cures paralysis and prevents unexpected mishaps in life. It bestows wealth by secret means, like horse racing, gambling, stock exchange market and speculation. It should be worn in Gold, in second or third finger of right hand on Thursday. The weight of Cat’s eye should be 3-7 carats.

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