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Third Eye Initiation & Meditation

Third Eye Initiation is important to balance the level of concentration, imagination, perception beyond vision. It also clears the blockages of mind & strengthen your brain power. Meditation is important to control your brain & to harness the brain power in positive manner. Meditation is essential for all of us and it is not age specific, gender specific, religion specific, caste or creed specific. Meditation is essential for kids, teens, young, adults, and old-age people. Meditation relaxes your mind, heart & soul. Meditation is the saturation point of concentration. We have seven Chakra’s in our body. In Third Eye Meditation, we focus on Agya (or Ajna) Chakra, which is located at the center of our eye brows. We also call it as Pineal gland. When activated in balanced form, Agya Chakra makes us intuitive, imaginative, makes our thoughts and vision very clear, and we become able to see beyond physical.


How are we different from others?

What makes us different from others is that we not only teach Third Eye Meditation, we initiate and activate your Third Eye (by Pujya SiddhGuru Swami Keshvananda Ji) to practice Third Eye Meditation seamlessly.

Pineal Gland or Agya Chakra is essential to perform beneficial Third Eye meditation. We all have extra-ordinary power in us, the only thing is to identify & harness our special powers to achieve peace of mind. We all have Third Eye which is hidden from physical world. The only task is to learn & practice the technique of activating the magical Third Eye by our researched & specialized techniques of Third Eye Meditation.

We conduct monthly workshop for limited number of people to explain about Third Eye Meditation, practical sessions of Third Eye Meditation & Third Eye Activation. We provide Third Eye Meditation to the group or to an individual also. You can contact us to know more about Third Eye Meditation activation, Third Eye Meditation, & Third Eye Meditation practice session.

Third Eye Initiation & Meditation Event

You can watch glimpse of Third Eye Initiation & Meditation first event at our YouTube channel.

You can enroll yourself for our next Third Eye Initiation & Meditation session. You can also enroll yourself for an individual session or in group of 15-20 people.

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We also provide after-purchase service to our customers. We have resolved 99% of the cases that resulted in successful & happy customers. We have refunded our customers in Specialized worship without any hesitation. In some cases, we have refunded up to 100 % of the amount (except the minimum basic expenses).

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