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A combination of planets at a specific position in your horoscope ensures you to become a successful politician. We have 20+ years of experience in political career analysis for MLA, MP, & Counselor who won the elections at first time, some of them was housewife & business owners, but they had vision & diligence to be a politician.

Swami Keshvananda Ji have researched extensively in the field of Political Career Analysis, his predictions are accurate & straight-forward. If he predicts that a person have a bright future in politics, that person is always successful. If he predicts that a person do not have any future in politics or no success-rate, then that person have not done anything in the field of politics despite of having, money, strong political connection etc.

We analyse the horoscope, not your links in the political world. We have seen the cases when the political aspirants have money, links, & everything required to stand in the race of becoming a Minister, but they could not do anything. And we have solved the cases when political aspirants have no money, no fame, no strong political links in the leading political parties but they were successful in becoming a leader (a Minister).

We performed Special Anushthaan for problem removal special, Yagya, vedic astrology remedies etc. for them in very strict timeline. And we have happy customers who are at the highest positions at zone level, district level, & state level in the ruling parties in the Indian Politics. As per our privacy policy, we cannot share the names of our political clients & devotees.

If you want to fulfill your dreams in Politics, & wants to be the part of decision-makers in your country, then Contact Us for your Political Career Analysis. You may also email us at navnidhi.org@gmail.com for more information.

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