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Do you feel that you or your company is at the doorstep of ‘Bankruptcy’? Do you feel that you or your company is surrounded by the financial stakeholders or creditors? Do you feel that you or your company is into continuous loss and no Profit? Do you think that after making efforts, you are not able to make profit and your hard-earned money is just drowning in the river of loss? Do you really feel that no one can help you?

With help of precise calculations of Vedic Astrology, we can help you. The astrology services can be precisely used to analysis about the severe condition of Bankrupt company and detailed analysis of horoscope of primary stakeholder and others. We also analyze the location of company as per astrology to find out the root-cause of problem. We have done extensive research on Bankruptcy Analysis. There are several astrological reasons that are pushing you and your company towards the Bankruptcy. For example, opening & closing of a new store, a new construction, birth of a child, etc. the list is non-exhaustive and non-avoidable too, but there is a solution of every problem if handled positively with astrological guidance & support.

Swami Keshvananda Ji have more than 20 years of vast experience in resolving severe Bankruptcy problems and he has resolved various problems of numerous high end companies in India and abroad. We have protected many companies from NPA situation & handling their debts, income etc for smooth functioning of a company. We will be performing a detailed horoscope analysis of head of company and other important stakeholders who are involved in decision making team, then we study the various factors as per astrology calculations and then create our report mentioning the problem areas, core reason of problem areas, potential remedies to resolve the problems of Bankruptcy, safety measures & maintenance procedure once the problem is resolved.

Process of Consultation for Bankruptcy Analysis

Detailed analysis of horoscopes of all the stakeholders, company, & other relevant entities by paying our Consultation charges.

At times, it is essential to visit the company location then the lodging & boarding expenses are required to be borne by customer.

We make the detailed report and share that with you (Customer) and go ahead with the remedies for problem resolution after consulting with you. These remedies are mostly in the form of our specialized worship procedure performed mainly at the bank of holy river Ganga, in Haridwar in India. The cost of remedial worship and travelling expenses are required to be borne by customer.

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Our famous clients in Bankruptcy Analysis

US based construction company

US based gas station owner

India based beverages company

India based top international school

India based home appliance company

Note: case study of each client will be uploaded soon on our website. Identity of customers will not be shared to anyone

Our Global Team

Our team is full of expertise, experience, & highly-skilled to provide the best of service to our customers. Our motto of Promising Blissful & Prosperous Life is our first priority. Customer satisfaction and prosperous customers are our foremost priority.

We also provide after-purchase service to our customers. We have resolved 99% of the cases that resulted in successful & happy customers. We have refunded our customers in Specialized worship without any hesitation. In some cases, we have refunded up to 100 % of the amount (except the minimum basic expenses).

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