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Medical Astrology is an branch of astrology that deals with the influence of planets on our different body parts, nervous system, digestive system, excretory system, lymphatic system, reproductive system, organs, glands, and hormones in our body. An astrologer can predict current & upcoming diseases, ensures fast recovery from diseases, ensures if a particular medical treatment, or a medicine is beneficial for the patient etc. Medical Astrology uses the date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth details for the diagnosis of illness or the upcoming illness. Moreover, if a patient is unaware of the date of birth details, then also we can predict sure outcomes for patient, that’s the specialty of Medical Astrology and our medical astrologer Swami Keshvananda Ji.

Swami Keshvananda Ji is an expert medical astrologer and is practicing Medical Astrology for more than 20 years. Medical Astrology is one of his ancestral knowledge that Swami Keshvananda Ji has inherited from his father Late Shri. Sukhdev Bhardwaj who had provided his astrological services for more than five decades in India. Medical Astrology uses Vedic Astrological remedies for the healing of patient.

Swami Keshvananda Ji has resolved thousands of cases under Medical Astrology in his astrological career. See our ‘Medical Astrology Case Studies’ to read the special Medical Astrology cases resolved by Swami Keshvananda Ji.

Disclaimer: We do not suggest anyone not to visit the doctor for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. We claim that Astrology starts at a point where medicine fails to affect a person’s health. Swami Keshvananda Ji was a chief participant in a LIVE debate program on Indian News Channel ‘INDIA TV’ in 2010 to explain this. Watch our YouTube Channel ‘Astrology Facts.’ for our videos.

Swami Keshvananda Ji – medical astrology researcher

Medical Astrology is an important part of every person’s life in today’s life. We have experience of pre-identification of diseases in near future before the arrival of disease – the people who have taken it seriously have bypassed the disease, the people who did not bother about the prediction of disease in near future have suffered and repented for it later.

The Vedic Astrology horoscope reading & prediction can help you identify your correct health issue or the upcoming health danger. The medicine and astrology work together for your wellness. Even the doctors say “we have done our best, rest is in God’s hands”.  Astrology services are not only to identify the problems but astrology provides the correct remedies too for problem resolution. The Indian Vedic Astrology is endless and have solution for each and every problem.

Sometimes, doctors in hospitals suggests patients (especially who are critical) to contact their priest/astrologer for health issues. Even in ancient times, the Ayurvedacharya either was an astrologer or used to consult Astrologers. The Vedic Astrology can predict if any medicine is giving you reaction, or your liver is getting affected, or your kidneys are going to be affected, or your heart is going to affected, or you are not having proper digestion, or you are having urine related problems, bone related problems, or blood related disorder etc.

We can help you in predicting & resolving your health issues by reading your horoscope and telling you the possible remedies to overcome your health problems so that you can live a smooth and healthy life.

We provides our Medical Astrology services so that people can get rid of ambiguous medical conditions, prolonged fever, Jaundice, prolonged different types of headaches etc. with the help of spiritual healing power of Vedic Mantra’s and the simple Vedic Astrology remedies. With the benefits of medical astrology, you can live a healthy life.
The astrological planets are associated with different kind of medical problems, human organs and we do horoscope reading and horoscope prediction, problem recognition and then the respective strategy of medical problem removal. The problem removal strategy and procedure is distinct for every person/patient as it depends on the current positioning of planets in medical astrology horoscope.

With the help of Medical Astrology, the astrologer can also tell you if the diagnosed treatment would be beneficial for you or not. The astrologer can predict the best date and best time for a surgery (no matter – a small surgery or a major surgery). Medical Astrology can also help you to identify if your current treatment is going in right way, or if the medicine you are taking is beneficial for you or not.

Few areas where you can utilize the benefits of Medical Astrology:

  • Jaundice: We are curing Jaundice without any medicine intake, we do spiritual healing with the help of Indian Vedic Mantra’s power that cures a patient from Jaundice. In some cases, if the patient cannot come in our premises, we do medical healing from far places too.
  • Prolonged & Repeated Fever: We are curing patients who are complaining about the long term fever and repeat fever which is coming every then and now. To remove fever, we are using special powerful Indian Vedic Mantra’s for the patients.
  • Post-partum Recovery: We have cured many new-mom’s who had recovered early from post-partum issues, breastfeeding issues etc. without touching the mom and child. Our Indian Vedic Mantra’s are so powerful that cures a patient located anywhere globally.
  • Hormonal Imbalance: We have cured many kids who had hormonal imbalance resulting in short height kids, brain under-development etc. We started curing the kids starting from the birth.
  • Other Misc. Illness: For many kind of health problems, we help cure a patient with special disease specific worship. These special worship is disease specific and is decided on the type of health problems (illness/disease) and the severity of health problem (illness/disease). Sometimes, the disease is so critical that medical treatment and medical astrology should go together for the correct diagnosis, correct treatment, and correct post-treatment health.

These areas are not exhaustive, medical astrology is a vast branch of astrology that can help in almost any kind of medical problems.

Contact us to get rid of your health problems & to protect yourself from upcoming health issues.

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