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MatchMaking in Vedic Astrology

The Best Astrologer in Den Haag Maharshi Keshvananda

What is MatchMaking in Vedic Astrology?

MatchMaking is the astrological calculations of two horoscopes to find the compatibility between them. In Vedic Astrology, we analyse how two persons get along with each other in long term. The major compatibility factors are their planetary position, behaviour issues, harmony between them, financial compatibility, family planning issues, life security etc. We advise you to find out your matchmaking for wedding, Cohabitation, business partnership etc. to avoid long term loss.

Why is match making important for Wedding?

During a wedding (personal life), and a business partnership (professional life), it’s important to calculate the compatibility between two persons. This helps to know if your future life would be successful or not. An astrologer analyse various aspects during matchmaking such as number of guna’s (score), Mangalik Dosh (Mangal Dosha), Nadi-Dosh, Bhakoot, etc.

Relationships & Vedic Astrology

Relationships are said to be meant in heaven & vital to all of us. If you have good compatibility with your partner, you will have harmonious life. Life is too difficult to stay alone. You always need someone who love you, care for you and stay with you. Marriage is equally important for everyone. But choosing the right partner is essential decision.

You deserve the perfect in your life to make your life happiest. Indian Vedic Astrology relationship calculator helps you know the compatibility with your partner. MatchMaking is the vital aspect of Vedic astrology. This way you can save yourself from cheating in relationship as well.

Importance of 36 Gunas for a Blissful Marriage

What you will get in Matchmaking report?

You will get the following details in our Matchmaking report:
  • Compatibility Score (Guna’s)
  • Mangal Dosha (Manglik Report)
  • Planet & House Reading
  • Numerology Analysis & remedies
  • Kaal Sarp Dosha & remedies
  • Favorable Gemstones report
  • Favorable Points report
  • Shani Sadesaati report
  • Rudraksha report
  • Charts & Horoscopes for both
  • Marriage advise

Horoscope Consultation

We also provide consultation for match making in which we deeply analyse both horoscopes, analyse Doshas, and answers all your queries related to matchmaking. We also give you the detailed matchmaking report after our consultation.

Horoscope Consultation is available over e-mail, video call, or phone also. Contact us for more information.

Book your Consultation today by calling at +31-615154861 or email to us at navnidhi.org@gmail.com.

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How we do matchmaking in Vedic Astrology?

We analyse the positions of all the planets in your and your partner’s horoscope.  Then, we check each planet’s compatibility in a specific house with your partner’s horoscope. We check the financial compatibility, behaviour compatibility, harmony between you & your partner, success prospects, child prospects after wedding, Mangal Dosha, Nandi Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha etc.

There are total of 36 Guna’s in matchmaking, each compatibility is given few points. The final report provides the total points of matchmaking. After looking at the compatibility score (out of 36) & other astrological calculations, a marriage is advised or rejected.

We provide match-making consultation for your relationships and wedding so that you and your life partner are compatible with each other at every step of your life.

During a wedding (personal life), and a business partnership (professional life), it’s important to calculate the compatibility between their horoscopes too. This will help to know if their future life would be successful or not. There are numerous aspects that are noticed while making match-making like number of guna’s, Manglik Dosh, Nadi-Dosh, Bhakoot, etc.

What Our Customers Say


Ik had eerst geen idee wie hij was, want voor mij waren het onze nieuwe buren. Het was dan in het begin alleen bij groeten. Maar elke keer bij het groeten zag hij al dat ik niet lekker in mijn vel zat en dat er heel veel gaande was in mijn leven. Dat bleek toen ze mij hadden uitgenodigd voor een kopje koffie. Mijn leven is dankzij hun en natuurlijk wat hij altijd tegen mij zegt dankzij God is veranderd. De gastvrijheid, adviezen, gebeden, voorspellingen en vooral altijd een luisterend oor dat apprecieer en waardeer ik zeker. Het is een aanrader en zeer zeker de moeite waard!!!

Janice Choenni - Office Manager, The Hague, Netherlands

Janice Choenni - Astrologer

our advice and guidance is so helpful specially when going through down phase in life. Especially, when one is out of country(home) and need genuine advise, I always rely on Panditji guidance. It gives immense "Shanti" in my mind . Your guidance brings Peace of mind and your guidance helps in bringing spiritual healing to recover my way to peace and happiness. There are many instances ,I have contacted Panditji. I will highly recommend Panditji services.Thank you so much for all your support and guidance.

Anuja  - Manager, IT Company, London, UK.

Anuja - Astrologer

Have to share my experience, it was around 18 years back when I had lost the way in my life and lost the path my great guru ji showed me the path! Been with his divine energies foe many years now and all teaching are great and humanitarian. He teaches and predict the unpredictable and exactly that happens !!love and faith for everyone.

Sachin Gupta - Music Director, Bollywood Industry, India

Sachin Gupta - Astrologer

I Know Swami Keshvananda ji for more than a decade. Before meeting him I didn’t have much belief in astrology, But this charismatic man compelled me to change my views with his almost cent percent accurate predictions. Unlike other astro practitioners he never makes big claims but his solutions  mesmerize you, specially in health related  issues. He is truly  a spiritual person who spends much time in his own  practices and self enlightenment. However he always spares time for people who are connected  to him. I firmly believe that our destiny is in the almighty’s hand, so its better to try to develop  ourselves  spiritually. For me Swami Keshvananda ji is the most appropriate  person to get help in this regard.

Rakesh Kayasth Executive Producer - Star India Pvt. Ltd.

Rakesh Kayasth - Astrologer

Can’t thank Guruji enough. My mother was suffering from covid and was in the ICU in a critical situation. Doctors were not very hopeful. Before doctors could tell us that her infection had spread in the blood, Guruji had already predicted it and it came to be true. Through Guruji’s remedies, puja and guidance, her condition started to improve. All thanks to guruji, she is now completely fine. All his predictions came to be absolutely true. He gives so much positivity and hope and listens to all your problems very patiently. He is a blessing for all of us. Thankyou so much guruji!

Research & Development Manager, New York, USA

Muskan Bhatnagar - Astrologer

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