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Directionlessness in your life takes away your peace of mind & contentment. It can destroy your whole life. You will be keep on changing your job, career, education etc. If you have directionlessness in education & career, no doubt that you have immense knowledge, extreme talent, good adviser for career & education; but you are not being able to implement your knowledge & advise for yourself & for your success. Your work & job keeps on changing with no satisfaction.

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Directionlessness is the absence of right direction & aim in your life. A person having directionless life is not able to choose the correct path in life.

Having Directionlessness in your life – you will not be able to successful & stable. Your academic career keeps on changing, job keep on changing. No wise decision making power.

A right decision at right time will yield to a bright future. But, a wrong decision will ruin the whole life. So, it’s really important to come out of the condition of directionlessness to make your life better.

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