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how to handle anxiety attacks

100% Proven ways to handle your anxiety attacks

What are Anxiety Attacks?

Anxiety attacks are the events of intense fear. It may have a trigger (or fear) or may occur suddenly out of the blues. Anxiety problems start building slowly. It may get worse as the stressful event approaches. The severity of anxiety attack depends on person to person. It is interrelated to the intensity of fear, capacity to handle the situation, family support etc.

What is Anxiety ?

Anxiety is the worry or fear of anything. For example, fear of an injection, fear of an exam or interview, fear of talking in public etc. Most of you may have been anxious at some point in your life. Anxiety and fear are interrelated. Hence, anxiety is your body’s automatic response to the fear. But, if you are experiencing anxiety for more than 6 months, it is an alarming time to overcome your anxiety as soon as possible.


7 symptoms of anxiety attacks

You may experience many symptoms of anxiety during the state of fear, confusion, nervousness etc. But there are 7 major common symptoms of anxiety that you should notice:

      • Sudden increase in heartbeat
      • Feeling heat in your body, some people might sweat a lot
      • Fast breathing
      • Blank mind feeling
      • Shaking or trembling hands
      • Dizziness
      • Severe Headache
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How to get rid of Anxiety Attacks?

Appropriate treatment at the initial stages can help you to overcome your fear, live an anxiety free life. Vedic Astrology gives us proven strategies to relieve you from Anxiety problems. If Anxiety gets worse, it may lead to the dreadful series of Anxiety Attacks.

Vedic Spiritual Energy can help reduce your stress. Spiritual Energy removes the blockage in positive energy flow, channelize the flow of positive energy, removes the negative energy. Once your energy flow is regulated & channelized, you will start experiencing positivity and anxiety attacks will go away from your life.

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