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The best Astrologer in Den Haag, offering Astrology solutions using the knowledge base of 190 years in Vedic Astrology. Registered in Chamber of Commerce, Den Haag, KvK number: 75358808, we are providing astrology solutions to remove problems from your life & bringing happiness. Our Horoscope Consultation will diagnose your problems and Vedic remedies are to solve your problems.

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The best astrologer in Den Haag

Best Astrologer in Den Haag - Maharshi Keshvananda

Maharshi Keshvananda is renowned Vedic Guru for Vedic Astrology, Kundalini awakening, Medical Astrology, Meditation, & Spiritual Healing, He is the person with divine knowledge of right thinking and high-mindedness. He is well known for his precise Horoscope reading & prediction, mesmerising Vedic remedies, Kundalini awakening, Chakra Healing, & Third Eye Meditation.

Maharshi Keshvananda is the best Guru in spirituality, Kundalini, & Chakra Healing. He is the best astrologer in Den Haag, best astrologer in Amsterdam, and the best Astrologer in Netherlands . 

Maharshi Keshvananda is renowned for his spiritual Vedic astrology advices, astrology consultation, Mindfulness, Spiritual Healing Sessions, insightful & accurate astrology predictions, miraculous Indian Vedic Astrology remedies.

Born in Hindu Brahmin family, Maharshi Keshvananda has done extensive research for more than 25 years in the field of Medical Astrology, Human Behaviour Analysis, Kundalini Awakening, Chakra Healing, Bankruptcy Analysis, Directionless Life Analysis, Kaal Sarp Dosha (Kaal Sarp Yog), Political Career Analysis, and Spiritual Healing.

Maharshi Keshvananda has authored a book ‘Pathways to Peace: Uniting Nations via Shared Wisdom’ to create awareness for the need of dialog and maintaining peace in whole world. This book was launched on 26-Sep-2023 in IGNCA, New Delhi, India.

Swami Keshvananda Ji as Mahamandaleshwar

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Our Astrology Services - the best astrologer in Den Haag

Third Eye Meditation

To enhance concentration, stress reduction, intuition power, & deeper self-awareness

Bankruptcy Analysis

To save you or your company from doorstep of ‘Bankruptcy’ & to recover from Bankruptcy

Medical Astrology

To help in quick health recovery, healing, & to avoid critical illness


To suggest the best remedies by your horoscope reading!

Directionlessness Analysis

To provide right direction in your life for peace of mind & contentment

Political Career Analysis

To suggest your success rate in Politics & your King-Prospects chances

Kaal Sarp Dosha Rectification

To streamline your life & planets for maximum benefits

Match Making

To find compatibility for you & your partner for happy life

Spiritual Healing

To activate & balance your body Chakras – the transformers to generate energy

Stress Removal

To reduce your stress by calming your brain & body for better productivity

Special Anushthaan

To solve health problems, legal cases & family issues


To take maximum benefits from the favoring planets

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Our astrology team is experienced and highly-skilled to provide the best solutions to you. We work on the motive of ‘Promising Blissful & Prosperous Life’ for peaceful world.
We have 99.9% customer satisfaction in our specialized worship Vedic Solutions & Special Anushthaan.

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