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Navnidhi Life Solutions has knowledge base of 190 years of Vedic Sciences Life Solutions. Our peers had provided Vedic Science services in India for more than 190 years. We are the first registered company for Indian Vedic Sciences in Chamber of Commerce at The Hague, Netherlands. Navnidhi Life Solutions is a specialized problem resolution center for specialized Vedic Astrology services such as Bankruptcy Analysis & Solutions, Medical Problem Analysis & Solutions, Depression & Stress Removal by Vedic Solutions, Directionlessness Analysis, & Solutions, Directionless Analysis & Rectification & Solutions, Kaal Sarp Dosha (Kaal Sarp Yog) Analysis & rectification of Kaal Sarp Dosha, Political Career Analysis & Political Career  Solutions, Spiritual Healing, Match Making & its analysis, Gemstone analysis, and personalized life reports.

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Navnidhi Life Solutions

Swami Keshvananda Ji is a miraculous, virtuous, spiritual and noble person of universal compassion, full of knowledge, right thinking, high-mindedness. He is well known for his spiritual advices, motivational consultation sessions, healing sessions, insightful & accurate predictions, miraculous Indian Vedic solutions and remedies. Born in Hindu priest family, he devoted his time to provide his mesmerizing Indian Vedic services, Spirituality advises, Bhakti yoga advise to the people around the world. He is specialized in Bankruptcy Analysis & Vedic Solutions, Medical Problem Analysis & Vedic Solutions, Directionlessness Analysis & Directionless Rectification Vedic Solutions, Kaal Sarp Dosha (Kaal Sarp Yog) Analysis & rectification of Kaal Sarp Dosha by Vedic Solutions, Political Career Analysis & Political Career Vedic Solutions, and Spiritual Healing. He is well known for his  spiritual advises, path to spirituality & Bhakti Yoga.

Swami Keshvananda Ji as Mahamandaleshwar

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Our Specialized Researched Astrology Services

Third Eye Meditation

Third Eye Initiation is important to balance the level of concentration.

Bankruptcy Analysis

Do you feel that you or your company is at the doorstep of ‘Bankruptcy’?

Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is an branch of astrology that deals with the influence of planets


Why to stay with problems, when we have solutions for you!

Directionlessness Analysis

Directionalessness in your life takes away your peace of mind & contentment.

Political Career Analysis

Can you be successful in Politics? Do you have King-Prospects?

Kaal Sarp Dosha Rectification

Kaal Sarp Dosha is said to be active in a horoscope when all the planets

Match Making

Relationships are said to be meant in heaven and vital to all of us.

Spiritual Healing

Our body has six Chakras in our body which are transformers to generate energy in our body.

Stress Removal

Stress is a state of mind when your brain & body is over-occupied.

Special Anushthaan

For the resolution of a critical health problems, legal cases etc.



To take maximum benefits from the favoring planets.

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Our blogs are enriched with spiritual & logical knowledge with a combination of wisdom, science, & spirituality. Each of our blog is mindfully handcrafted that acts as the best energizer for your soul, mind, & heart! Your comments are highly important for us to know what our customers wants more from us and how we are doing!  


Have to share my experience, it was around 18 years back when I had lost the way in my life and lost the path my great Guru ji showed me the path! Been with his divine energies foe many years now and all teaching are great and humanitarian. He teaches and predict the unpredictable and exactly that happens !!love and faith for everyone.
Can’t thank Guruji enough. My mother was suffering from covid and was in the ICU in a critical situation. Doctors were not very hopeful. Before doctors could tell us that her infection had spread in the blood, Guruji had already predicted it and it came to be true. Through Guruji’s remedies, puja and guidance, her condition started to improve. All thanks to guruji, she is now completely fine. All his predictions came to be absolutely true. He gives so much positivity and hope and listens to all your problems very patiently. He is a blessing for all of us. Thankyou so much guruji!
Guru ji one amongst thousands, He is very clear with his predictions & not only he predicts but also gives you all possible solutions to your problems in terms of advice, astrological ways , practical ways of handling situations in a better way which eventually can make our life better!

I would surely recommend Guruji to all those who are looking for expert advice & need guidance, support, motivation to get stronger in life !

I know Swami Keshvananda ji for more than 15 years. Before meeting him, I didn’t have much belief in astrology, but this charismatic man compelled me to change my views with his almost cent percent accurate predictions. Unlike other astro-practitioners he never makes big claims but his solutions mesmerize you, specially in health related issues. He is truly a spiritual person who spends much time in his own practices and self-enlightenment. However, he always spares time for people who are connected  to him. I firmly believe that our destiny is in the almighty’s hand, so its better to try to develop ourselves spiritually. For me Swami Keshvananda ji is the most appropriate person to get help in this regard.
Swami Keshvanand ji- is een intelligent persoon die goed weet wat hy doet. Hy heeft mij altyd de juiste pad opgestuurd op de momenten dat ik er even doorheen zat. Hy is de juiste persoon voor een ieder die begeleiding nodig heeft om zijn of haar lifestyle te verbeteren. En daarnaast kan je ook altyd by swamiji terecht voor een positief gesprek met veel positieve energy.
Sachin GuptaMusic Director, Bollywood Industry, Mumbai, India
Muskan BhatnagarBusiness Analyst, USA
Abhinav DwivediSales Manager, Hyatt Group of Hotels, New Delhi, India
Rakesh KayasthExecutive Director, Star India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India
Rishma KamtaProgram Manager PBMC, Riverhead, NY, USA

Our Global Team

Our team is full of expertise, experience, & highly-skilled to provide the best of service to our customers. Our motto of Promising Blissful & Prosperous Life is our first priority. Customer satisfaction and prosperous customers are our foremost priority.

We also provide after-purchase service to our customers. We have resolved 99% of the cases that resulted in successful & happy customers. We have refunded our customers in Specialized worship without any hesitation. In some cases, we have refunded up to 100 % of the amount (except the minimum basic expenses).

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