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Relationship is the driving force of our life. especially your life partner (spouse). Do you want to ensure if your relationship would be successful with your choice of life partner? Relationship Report is the driving tool for your successful wedding. Make it on the top of your wedding list! Vedic Astrology gives you freedom to check your future compatibility with your life partner. Cheating in relationship is the common issue these days. Protect yourself with our Relationship Report.

Love in life brings happiness in life!

Benefits of Relationship Report

Planets are the key elements in your horoscope. They control & manage your life completely. If you have good planetary compatibility with your life partner, your life seems to be heaven on earth. But if you have unfavourable planetary compatibility with your partner, your life seems to be no less than hell.

It’s always to be sure & check planetary compatibility rather than taking pain for life. This report helps you to avoid relationship failure. It’s better to safe than to sorry.

Content of Relationship Report

  • 100+ pages beautifully prepared detailed report
  • Horoscope Chart for Girl & Boy
  • Compatibility Report
  • Ashtakoot Milan (8 tests points score)
  • Maglik Dosh (for girl & boy)
  • Saturn report (Sade-Sati check for girl & boy)
  • Dasha Analysis (for girl & boy)
  • Vedic Astrology Remedies (for girl & boy)
  • Conclusion

Detailed Relationship Report Consultation

You can also take detailed face to face Horoscope Consultation. It will give you the details about the favourable time in which you be getting excellent chances of meeting your soulmate, the best time to get married. Vedic Astrology consultation gives you the details of your auspicious and inauspicious time to get into a relationship, so this way you can save yourself from getting ended into a spoilt relationship. You can protect yourself with the major problem of cheating in relationship.

We will also suggest remedies to find a favourable partner and to protect you from getting a unfavourable partner. If you are already in a relationship and it’s not going well, then we will suggest you remedies to make your relationship better.

What we do to make your Relationship Report?

  • Date of birth, Time of birth, Place of birth details for boy & girl


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