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Meditation – an ultimate source of inner exploration

Meditation is a concentration technique that transforms an imbalanced state of mind into a balanced state. Our mind often faces lots of turbulence such as sadness, sorrow, anger, revenge etc. which is harmful for one’s self and to the others also. A constantly troubled mind becomes skeptic or disturbed. After attaining this stage, a person is neither able to make right decisions (judgments) nor can interpret the things in true perspective. The ultimate solution to come out of such a chaotic & troubled situation is Meditation.

Meditation is the process of collating unorganized current of thoughts and focuses them on a meticulous goal. If we practice Meditation, meditation will free up our mind from senseless daydreaming and channelizes the energy of our mind to focus Self inner exploration.This is the same thing what a person does during ‘Saadhna’ while meditating for God. The pure aim of meditation is to calm down the mind & flush out it of its inclination, controlling the mind by averting it (our mind) from the attack of lust, grief, severe anger, disproportionate rapidity, constant tough desires for new achievement etc. It’s a famous saying that the person, who can control the mind, can surely control the world. Meditation is the efficient method for cooling down and controlling the mind.

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