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Harnessing Mind Power

Meditation – the power booster of your mind

Meditation is the powerful link that channelize our mind not to indulge in  senseless things, and utilize strength of your mind power for mankind and positive opportunities. A mind without Meditation, you will have the tendency to move towards downstream tasks that really do not use mind power, the way water flows itself downstream. This way, the mind will be move towards regression because the mind is designed to be use & to utilise its caliber. Meditation is the power booster of your mind.

Let’s see how to channelize our mind for positive opportunities. Have you ever seen a wild elephant? Okay, not in reality, but in videos, you must have seen a wild elephant. It is so powerful to harm anyone and now let’s think if you start giving training to the wild elephant, then you have the caliber to channelize the powerful energy of a wild elephant for the positive opportunities. Understood? Okay, let me elaborate with a simple example of load lifting. The trained powerful wild elephant can help in load lifting and save huge amount of our time & energy. That’s the same way your mind works. A meditating & connecting mind is like a trained elephant.

You need a forceful pull-up of water using a water pump to allow water to flow upwards. Exactly, your mind needs a pull-up force that only Meditation can give to flow upwards towards positive opportunities.

You all have natural God-gifted energy, and if you do not utilise it in positive manner, this God-gifted mind power gets wasted in degrading tasks. Meditation just works like a water lifting pump to channelize our mind power for positive opportunities.

You must ensure that mere achievement of mind power should not be the goal. You need to ensure that mind power is utilising in positive opportunities & positive outcomes &  wasted in illogical stuff.

Let me explain this important point with a very simple example of our daily life – Water (an irreplaceable factor). The steam generated during cooking the food is of almost no use to run a steam engine. You need to boil water under high pressure to run a steam engine.

Let’s think about another integral part of our life. Can you guess? The Sun. When Sun rays comes on the earth daily, it gives heat & light for our survival. But if you concentrate Sun rays using a magnifying glass, the concentrated heat energy is powerful to burn a piece of paper lying under the magnifying glass. Similarly, Heat Energy of Sun is enough can be so destructive to burn a jungle.

You need to understand that for which goal you wish to channelize your mind power – for meaningless accomplishments (which ultimately will not yield any positive outcome) or for the powerful positive energy by concentrating on a positive opportunities. Focus on your goal and start Meditating today to harness the power of your mind.


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