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Why should we ring temple bells?

All the Hindu people visiting temple rings the temple entry big bell and the small bells hanging in front of deities as an offering to Supreme Lord. Especially kids are fascinated by the temple bells & they want to ring every bell of the temple. When kids’ small hands cannot reach the hand, so parents help them ringing the bell by taking them in lap & high up.

As per Hindu culture, temple bells are usually made of Brass & the sound of brass bell keeps the evil powers and negative energies away from the temple, and the sound of brass bell keeps the surroundings calm.

Let’s see the scientific reasons behind ringing temple bells.

The scientific reason behind this ringing temple bells is that the sound of brass bell removes all the bad thoughts from our mind and helps us in maintaining concentration on the Lord. The shapes of the temple bells are created in such a way that it unites our right & left part of our brain. As the bell rings, a quick & continuing sound echo for seven seconds. This interval of seven seconds activates all the seven healing points of our human body.

The result of this whole process makes our brain free from all the negative thoughts, we start feeling better in a calm & peaceful environment.

The resonance of temple bells is at a higher frequency that creates the aura of divine consciousness & we feel connected to Supreme Lord.

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