Why should we touch elders feet?

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Why do touch elders feet

Why should we touch elders feet?

Why do we touch feet of our elders, priests, and Guru’s?

One of the most important ritual of Hinduism is to touch feet of our elders such as parents, relatives, elder brother or sister, priests, Spiritual Guru etc. Elder are considered as source of blessings because they have more wisdom & experience. This ritual is considered as the way of showing respect towards them & to take their blessings. A blessing from pure heart is like a divine blessing that is always fruitful for the receptor. But now a days, our modern world & technology is making our youth reluctant to perform such rituals in absence of a scientific & logical reasoning. Here’s the scientific reason for the pure ritual of touching feet & achieving blessings:

The scientific reason behind this ritual is that when the elders accept your respect which came from your reduced ego (and is called your ‘shraddha’) & complete devotion, their hearts emit positive thoughts and energy (which is called their ‘karuna’) which reaches you through their hands and toes. In this way, the completed circuit enables flow of energy and increases cosmic energy, switching on a quick connect between two minds and hearts. The nerves that start from our brain spread across all your body. These nerves or wires end in the fingertips of your hand and feet. When you join the fingertips of your hand to those of their opposite feet, a circuit is immediately formed and the energies of two bodies are connected.

Your fingers and palms become the ‘receptor’ of energy and the feet of other person become the ‘giver’ of energy.

Touching elders feels scientific reasons
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