Did you know astonishing faith of doing Namaste ?

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Did you know astonishing faith of doing Namaste ?

Did you know astonishing faith of doing Namaste ?

Scientific reasons of joining hands in Namastey

I would like to tell you the scientific reason behind our greatest Hindu rituals of joining hands while doing Namaste. It would be really helpful for our youth generations.

Let us see one of the most important & commonly followed traditions. Have you ever thought why should we join our hands while saying Namastey?

Cultural reason of Namaste

Firstly, joining hands during Namastey and bowing your head a bit down signifies you are respecting the person while greeting. It also has a positive impact on the other person that you are respectful.

Why we join hands while saying Namastey

Scientific reason of Namaste

The scientific reason behind this ritual is very interesting.

Firstly, while doing gesture of namastey, the tips of our fingers bears all the pressure points of our mind, eyes, and ears. When we join our palms together, the tips of the subsequent fingers join together. This activates all the pressure point at once that helps us remember the person for long time.

Secondly, there is no physical contact while greeting the person that avoid any transfer of germs. It will prevent the spread of contagious disease.

Proven facts of Namastey

During pandemic of COVID-19, everyone in the world appreciated the culture of Namastey to avoid the spread of germs.

Religious facts of Namaste

Our Hindu religion and culture is ancient on this earth. Even western countries praise  the best practices of Hinduism. You should be proud of your religion, tradition, & culture.

In the atmosphere of fear & uncertainty of Corona (COVID-19), whole humanity had accepted ‘Namastey’ over ‘hand-shake’ & ‘hug’ to greet another person.

Feel proud to follow your traditions with proud now when you know the scientific reason behind Hindu religion.


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